Expired: Customs Manager REF ZZ978

The Customs Manager is responsible for compliance, ensuring that our processes are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are current and ensure adequate levels of control. To work with group customs responsible officers to find and employ best practice. To put compliance above commercial gain or flag concerns where appropriate.

The Customs Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operational performance ensuring consistent operational excellence and long-term profitability in line with the directives given by the MD.

Managing the total process with regard to customs matters and developments  Realizing internal and external customer satisfaction with innovative services at benchmark costs and quality, resulting in continuity and growth of the account. To work with the company to ensure the customs department is resourced correctly and managing any relevant team in line with company process.

Key Activities:

1.Coordination of overall activities

·Administrative follow up on un-cleared documents/ UTB’s and customs disputes;

·Signal, reduce and report potential risks;

·Incidents report;

·Remain up-to-date with Customs regulations, market & branch information and developments Advising internal / external

·Monitoring and making ‘request for refund / correction;

·Controlling and maintaining customs licenses;

·Setting up and maintaining of customs procedures / work instructions (standardize);

·Internal / External Audits oversight and ensuring they are completed on time and in line with process

·Implementation – (new) customers

2.Develop and maintain relationships with Key/high potential accounts and Customs:

·Remain up to date with developments of and within key and high potential accounts;

·Build strong relationships with Customs; remain up to date regarding customs regulation; first point of contact

3.Execution of tasks by Customs Compliance Manager:

·Management of ‘customs guarantee’;

·Controlling customs licenses;

·Signal, reduce and report potential risks;

·Training – set up internal (external) training model;

·Responsible for AEO-certification for signed customs procedures;

·Making Customs-consultancy to an active product;

·Setting up and maintaining of customs procedures / work instructions;

· (Internal) “Newsletter -info“ (monthly)


·Participate in projects, requests and initiatives

·Remain up-to-date with Customs regulations, market and branch information and developments;

·Being a strong strategic sparring partner for the MD;

·Project support (advice at the start, during the project and sign off



Category: Current Vacancies, Logistics, Managerial.