Global Head of Sales & Marketing

The Global Head of Sales & Marketing is responsible for the creation, execution, iteration and ongoing management of the company’s strategies in revenue acquisition, revenue management, client experience and image projection. All four of these disciplines are deeply interrelated and require unified leadership from the role.

Salary £50-70k


·Provide leadership, motivation, coaching, and guidance consistent with the company’s culture and policies.

·Foster continuous improvement while supporting the company’s executive team to promote efforts aimed at improving current client experience, business processes and profitability.

·Display flexibility and resilience when adapting to constraints, failures, and adversity. Adjust priorities to manage multiple demands and unanticipated events and modify decisions and actions in response to changing circumstances.

·Foster teamwork while working collaboratively with staff, peers, and senior management to achieve the company’s business & quality goals. Communicate continuously and resolve conflicts proactively.

·Develop staff through career development planning, performance management, training assessments, individual development plans with a focus on building outstanding employee relations and loyalty.

·Conduct timely and effective evaluation of performance of direct reports and team. Provide recommendations for promotion and salary adjustments.


·Develop and execute global and local company strategies in Marketing including Social, PR, revenue management and digital experience. Direct and implement the company’s marketing and advertising activities. ​

·Collaborate with Executive Management to develop growth plans for the organization.  Analyze target market information to identify and recommend effective marketing approaches. Identify new market segments that will benefit from company products. ​

·Direct and iterate the company’s pricing strategies, including discounting, with all clients to achieve competitiveness and profitability within the sectors the company operates in.

·Improve the experiences of both the user and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing the company’s operations to better support customer journeys. Create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for both customers in unique contexts and any vendors involved.


·Develop and execute global and local company sales strategies for both existing clients as well as prospects that deliver an optimized market mix relative to our target clientele and drive revenue growth for the business

·Develop and manage a global team of Business Development Managers (BDMs), including incentive compensation plans, to further the revenue and profit goals of the company.

·Set activity and revenue targets for each member of the sales team and monitor performance. Train and develop all members of the sales team continuously. Control performance and optimize the sales structure

·Optimize client onboarding processes.


·Develop a strategy and roadmap for the company’s omni-channel client experience, including new initiatives to improve performance, drive short-term and long-term client retention, scale to multiple product lines for a range of clients, and expand globally. ​

·Develop and execute the company’s global client service strategy, highly focused on proactively satisfying client needs in communication, and removing friction in all processes of client interaction with the company

Key Skills:

·Deep curiosity about the company’s business model and how the different departments function on a practical level outside of interacting with IT.

·The ability to pivot, required by a dynamic and hypercompetitive landscape​

·Superb cross-cultural interpersonal skills, forging strong relationships with multiple stakeholders, listening, and relating well to people at all levels

·Project management and process improvement ​

·Exceptional interpersonal skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills and verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to sift through complicated business issues and communicate only the important aspects in a clear and concise manner

·Critical thinking and analysis skills.

·Proficiency in verbal and written French preferred

Education & Experience

·Minimum of ten (10) years of experience driving outcomes and leading global client-facing teams, Sales, and Marcom ​

·Minimum of five (5) years’ experience scaling the Sales and Client Service functions globally with a minimum of five (5) years of experience in Strategy, Consulting, General Management or International expansion

·Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Revenue Management

·Strong familiarity with CRM tools, both from an evaluation perspective and an implementation perspective. Strong familiarity with other platforms used for the combinations of Marketing, Sales, Client Service and CRM.​

·Highest proficiency in written and spoken English required, French proficiency preferred.

·Bachelor’s degree, UGAD or License in Marketing or other related business field required or equivalent professional experience. Master’s degree/MA/DNM preferred

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